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Black Sheep Reviews

Joseph Belanger writes about movies in a snappy review blog with cute seasonal banners. Black Sheep Reviews was born in September 2005 just after Joseph realized that he could combine his love of writing, and his love of watching movies in a recipe for success online.  This blogger’s natural passion for cinema, and his literary aptitude are equally obvious – that’s what makes his blog posts so delightfully personal and easy to read.

This guy is an expert on vintage cinema, and something of a student on the old Hollywood studio system. He seems quite familiar with the careers of veteran filmmakers Roman Polanski, Howard Hawks, and Canada’s own Norman Jewison. Black Sheep Reviews is packed with the same kind of detailed information found in professional movie critic’s daily newspaper columns, and specialized film magazines. In my humble opinion, Joseph’s blog is better than most newspaper film reviews, and that’s because he’s real. He writes first from love, and second for money (coffee money)

Joseph Belanger at laptop computerThree years later, Joseph is more committed to this volunteer project than ever, and doing daily reviews has patterned itself into his overall identity.  Perhaps only the other bloggers reading will understand that sentiment. Joe takes it seriously. He believes that this vocation is the most important job in his life, and as such it defines him. In his own words, “It’s a part of me.  I wouldn’t know who I was without it.” As an example of this blog’s quality, here’s Black Sheep’s review of the animated Wall-E movie, Hello, Wall-E!  Meet Dolly which reads like a transition piece – unless I’m mistaken, this post actually marks the first time Belanger has branched out past singular film reviews to write about film trends. He scours the papers and reads Entertainment news and has personal relationships with editors and ‘gate keepers’ that hold the secrets and leak the tasty tidbits to alternative press. Be sure and check out (and join) Black Sheep Review’s Facebook Group which now has almost 500 members and it’s growing as people all over Canada discover Black Sheep Reviews.