Canada Blog Friends was born today.

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Canada Blog Friends was born today, 22nd August 2008. It was created to be the first and best place for anyone and everyone to find good Canadian blogs for easy reading.

Here lies a network of skilled writers and a kingdom of unique content.

Another cool Canadian blog is revealed here every so often, and another aspect of our cultural experience is highlighted – comments are welcome, just click the red maple leaf in the top corner of each post to deposit your opinion.

Read and be amazed at the diversity of genres and niches presented, and yet behold the continuity of Canadian themes. The Aboriginal citizen in Northern BC shares similar values with the young Francophone in Quebec. If one blog portal in Eastern Canada looks strangely similar to a site based in Victoria BC, that’s the Canadian experience preserving the jam of our cultural identity.

Whenever possible, Canada Blog Friends goes behind the text and profiles individual bloggers inside their unique surroundings. I hope to showcase the author inside the very room / apartment / coffee shop where their most creative magic happens – each post yields precious glimpses of what Canadian Bloggers are really like as people.

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  1. Mike on September 19, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Great looking site, Rob…and very well written from what I’ve seen so far. I’ve added you to my RSS feed reader, so I’ll be back.