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Styled as a helpful guide for remote workers that orbit the growing web development company, Full Stack Resources Blog is filled with insightful posts for all Canadian technology workers. The entries in their journal detail their specialties and various on-demand staffing service models. The posts showcase projects that require key organizational elements like information architecture, and key executions like front-end or back-end web development, Dev-ops and quality assurance.Hakaween at Fullstack Resources boardroom

Full Stack Resources is a central hub for programmers and developers in Toronto and its where their chief technologists wax prophetic about the future of particular apps and businesses on the web. They daydream in posts about new code, advanced Capcha mechanisms and more intuitive user interfaces.  They make original info graphics.

Chris Desousa staff meeting at Full Stack Resources

Chris DeSousa is the owner and business manager of Full Stack Resources, a nimble web development company filled with experienced designers and programmers who are especially skilled at creating custom software solutions for business. They sell reliability but also flexibility as they can scale to meet whatever challenges are thrown their way by a large array of satisfied customers who keep coming back for more as they grow or change their models.

In December 2017 Full Stack Resources helped sponsor Agency Wars VII, and their blog post on the subject communicated the curious glee they experienced watching fellow ad agency executives reps exchange punches for charity. The Full Stack blog communicates lifestyle moments as it glimpses parties and promotions that impact the staff. This also sends a message to remote workers – Friday is a good day to come to the office.

Full Stack Resources blogs their parties - digital marketing agency in Toronto

Full Stack Resources Blog Details Tech Conferences

Recently in 2018 the one or two more extroverted members of the marketing team have been busy attending and in some cases even officially volunteering at notable Toronto tech conferences.

Raymi at HackerNest in Feb 2018

Above is Fullstack’s own Raymi Lauren with Kate Swerengen at HackerNest. The long copy post they left on their company blog is filled with insights into why and how HackerNest has grown to be among the most financial successful tech meetups with a long list of waiting sponsors.

The bloggers at this agency like to have fun with their stories and explore new locations, like tech conferences. Here is the main pizza line at TechTO in February 2018. Their blog post opined that a guy with a small microwave oven would get a lot of applause here as the pizza is generally cold by the time the crowd gets into the venue.

The story of Raymi stalking and then hijacking the microphone from host @JasonGoldlist at TechTO  made interesting reading in their blog post, Scout Inside the Monthly TechTO and was re-blogged in greater detail, or rather added to Lori Bosworth’s article on the subject on Torontonicity – What Happens at TechTO?

Raymi at TechTO in February 2018

Raymi Lauren waits to speak to the crowd at TechTO in February 2018

Last week the blog made a big splash by detailing some of the more interesting exhibitors at DX3.  This annual nationwide convention is unusual for the quality of the displays, and fact that it requires money to get into the show, even to walk the floor, which is a sure sign of exclusivity in the marketplace. Bloggers at the show were presented with all manner of opportunities to make Tech News and the bloggers from Full Stack Resources Inc didn’t miss a beat, reporting on six of the most interesting exhibitors at DX3 Canada.

David Payne CEO of Invent Dev a virtual reality real estate development simulatorThe post ends on David Payne CEO of Invent Dev which uses virtual reality to showcase homes that have not been built yet and need investors which is a perfect tool for real estate developers peddling condominiums in Toronto’s competitive real estate marketplace.

Remote workers, and internet technologists all over the nation should enjoy this fresh and helpful tech knowledge portal. Follow Fullstack Resources on Twitter @FullstackInc and FullstackInc on Instagram and their Full Stack Inc Facebook page.