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Kristen Goetz has a personal blog that she describes as a nothing blog, but that’s because she writes about everything. At age twenty five, Kristen hopes for a professional career as a writer, and so she posts insights on summer fun, bars, fast cars and the best cell phone deals in Canada. She’s looking for a suitable corporate master to repaint her profile with a purpose. Because right now, her seemingly pointless content shimmers like a reflection of herself in a fast flowing stream of events that is her life in Toronto.

Kristen w glassesShambled Ramblings started because Kristen was offered a job as a corporate blogger on the condition that she initiate a personal blogspot domain where she could cross promote the sponsor company. The enterprise launched Kristen’s blogging career. She wrote diligently for months, building credibility and refining her prose. She wrote about her recent break-up of a three-year relationship, and the possibilities of a new one. She wrote about snowstorms, grass cutting and her friend’s problems, and greasy food, and traffic tickets and the music of Kermit The Frog – it took awhile before she found her voice.

Kristen walking the winter streets in TorontoSadly, by the time Kristen finally got up to speed and truly personalized her domain, and before she ever made a dime, the initial job offer fell through, and the company that seduced her into the blogosphere was no longer in business. Other companies and media buyers contacted her but unfortunately they wanted to compromise truth, and censor her language. Since her readership had begun to grow, Kristen declined. “There was no way that I was going to endorse products I’d never used, or tone down the sarcasm. I didn’t want my personal blog to sound like anyone else.” She relates. Yet in many ways, Shambled Ramblings has a lot to do with Kristen searching for, and finding different identities.

Since many of her posts are about her recent move from St. Catharines to Toronto, Kristen punctuates her text with Canadian keywords, people, places, and Queen St W Toronto events.  A common theme is her quest to sample as many different Ontario micro brews in her local Parkdale bars and pubs, before declaring a favourite.

Kristen at New YearsKristen is a cool chick that likes to party on occasion. It’s a fact she knows the lyrics to hundreds of obscure early 1980’s heavy metal songs. She likes live music, and plays a mean game of pool. Her posts are personal and range from self-deprecating and questioning to sarcastic and in-your-face. Sometimes there’s a bit of self-improvement. It’s for that reason – the randomness of her subjects – that she concludes she has a nothing blog.

But Kristen’s blog is actually something pretty special. It’s a look into the mind and everyday life of a female twenty-something, new to the city and still searching for a career. Whether she’s ranting about an annoyance, re-capping her busy weekend, or making relevant observations about our society, Shambled Ramblings is an honest peek at a young woman learning more about herself, and what’s she’s capable of achieving in Toronto.

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  1. Kris on September 26, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Looks great, Rob! Thanks for putting me on here, I’ll be sure to link it.

  2. Krista on September 26, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Wow that’s a lot of BG info I didn’t know before! I started reading her this summer and fell in love with personal blogging all over again. And her beautiful blonde hair, sigh!

  3. Kevan on September 27, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Anytime you want to give props to your hairdresser Kristen….hum hum….I have known Kristen for years and have never grown tired of her amazing personality and whit…she is truly a beautiful woman who posesses so many good qualities that are admirable and im glad that people have the chance to get to know her.