Sharing Toronto Magazine

Sharing Toronto magazine logoA popular urban lifestyle magazine, Sharing Toronto is a news site that focuses on telling the stories most relevant to the people of Toronto.  Their journalism hopes to create an active and informed online community. The founders of the magazine have a great attitude-  unlike other Toronto based organs of the press, which try desperately to keep fresh content posted as they encourage a mythical ‘daily reader’, the writers here are content to post infrequently as they believe that lifestyle magazines mature gracefully, and the media they publish today will get more important over time.

liberty village hawk story on Sharing Toronto

Liberty Village hawk has sparrow lunch

The magazine continues to grow by writing informative content that does well in search engines. When the authors here write about people, places and events they put the most interesting ‘hook’ first and then ‘share’ information about all aspects of the activity or venue afterwards. So a random sighting of a hawk eating a sparrow becomes a well researched account of the life cycle and diet of inner city birds-of-prey.

Sharing Toronto magazine has a lot of informative articles including such classics as Guide to the Six Coupon Rides at CNE which shows all the roller coasters that require six tickets (which is the maximum). And stories about climbing construction cranes for Instagram fame and about rigging out a car with cameras to troll RIDE programs and drive through the new marijuana driver testing spot checks set up to test the civil liberties of all Canadians.

Guide to the Six Ticket Rides at CNE on Sharing Toronto

Guide to the Six Coupon Rides at the CNE on Sharing Toronto

The magazine authors and editors like to profile the passion people behind the most unique attractions in the city.

lotsof partiesSharing Toronto chronicles marijuana start-ups while they are still rolling-up interest at the ground level, and just recently they profiled the technologists who gathered at HackerNest Toronto where Anthony Diiorio (a co-founder of Ethereum cryptocurrency) appeared in person to share insights on our evolving digital economy while extolling the convenience and accessibility of cryptocurrency wallet. HackerNest event on Richmond St in Toronto with Raymi

The magazine profiles people and gets into places that readers wouldn’t normally see ; it covers stories that are not likely to be detailed in more mainstream press.

great shot of tatooed ladyThe authors are authentic and original with unique perspectives rooting in strange passions – they are each invited and rewarded to write what they want to share with the city.

The magazine likes to explore new business models and does feature stories that explore new urban fashions.  The mix of both themes is present is their recent story about Femme Fatale, a unique event staffing agency that supplies beauty queens and likes to create narratives where guests and staff play parts in a larger theme event. James Bond is too tame!

Femme Fatale

The administrators at Sharing Toronto have organized the content into seven categories, Home, Arts, Business, Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Contact and Events. But almost all of the media is ‘Business’. They meet regularly to discuss new submissions and pick images for covers and social media.

administrators at Sharing Toronto

Sharing Toronto also pays special attention to tech conventions and is steadily gaining readership among programmers and developers. Stories that explore Inside the World Marketing Summit 2017 details a modern tech convention and quotes passages from the opening speeches and introductory panel with a special focus on Brian Rotsztein the president of CIMA – the Canadian Internet Marketing Association.

On the other side of the technology spectrum, Treasure Hunt Antiques in Etobicoke shares that author’s passion for the past in this lakeside portion of the mega-city that once had its own rich history as an equestrian training center and horse proud town.
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