Young Chic and Social in Burlington

Young Chic and SocialKeely Valentine must type as fast as she thinks, for her writing seems as natural as a seventeen year old girl talks. Each post flows together into a wonderfully feminine, refreshingly amateur blog spectacle.  This girl is supremely confident and that’s manifest in her devil-may-care writing. Its all attitude and Keely’s got it, and she ‘brings it’ with good information rich posts. It really doesn’t matter that her prose is littered with typographical errors, and run on sentences, because that somehow adds to her juvenile authenticity and the presentation of her unique content.

It all started in September 2007 with Keely Valentine’s first post entitled ‘The Evil Skank vs The Good Girl’ which is so full of unique insights into life as a teenager girl it should be considered modern literature.  Ironically, in March of 2008 Keely lamented about her failure to pass Grade 11 English class. Perhaps she could submit her blogspot for extra credits?

Keely Valentine

Young Chic and Social just gets better and better. Over the summer Keely had her 200th post and has since increased her writing frequency; she now uses the platform to tell the world about her quest to get a pop music band together (she’s a singer) and perform her songs, or get photo shoots organized to help clothing designer friends. Its not written like that of course, its crafted in anecdotes and make-up tips, travelogs and semi-confessional diary entries. She mentions meeting boys, and going on dates, and she likes to document creeps, but its her sincere appreciation of her closest friends that fills the most paragraphs.

Keely’s profile on Blogger says it all:

Young, Chic and Social is run by a fabulous young soicalite who is a singer/songwriter thats had a brush with internet fame and always seems to find herself in the middle of the seasons hottest events and partys that are usually 19+. She’s a makeup pro, fashion guru and has the craziest most dramatic and not typical teenage life out there

And its all true. She is a real Canadian high school girl and her posts are packed with her precocious curiosity.  She writes about everything relevant to her life and her plans, and anything that impacts her existence at her local high school. Its a fascinating peek at a pretty girl with no disconnect blogging about being Young, Chic and Social.


  1. Will Webb on August 26, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Good read.

  2. keely on August 30, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring me!!