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Boris at front desk

Business blogs are an important part of the internet and the best portals are filled with good information coloured with the author’s own ideas and opinions.  Good blogs are written firsthand and share the blogger’s perspective on the topic at hand.

Boris Vorobyov, a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) at Power Home Inspection keeps a clever blog on his business website and its worthy of including here on Canada Blog Friends. This blogger spends his days doing visual inspections of Vaughan, Etobicoke and Toronto area houses for both home buyers and builders.  Boris checks each structure’s various life-support systems and all relevant interior and exterior components for any issues or concerns. Good home inspectors can spot problems before they happen and part of Boris’s job is to report the likelihood of a facilities’ failure now and in the future.

The blog is written by Boris and he does a great job driving the stories and bringing forth interesting data points. His humour is present in each post and by making jokes he offers the best, most insightful and most actionable advice for homeowners and home builders.  Reading and learning a clever home inspector’s thoughts pertaining to common household problems is both entertaining and informative. Have a look at how he introduces the story below. His titles and captions beside interesting pictures really draw readers into the posts.

Power home inspection blog - direct gas fireplace entry

Boris inspects direct vent fireplace in oakville Home Inspector’s Anecdotes Validate Existence

Bottom line, Boris writes his blog to sell his services and each post hammers home the same theme; you need to get property inspected before buying. The author describes how most home buyers spend under an hour walking through a house before to making an offer. Such a minimal inspection with relatively untrained eyes cannot possibly alert buyers to all the hidden issues. Such a brief look-about can only give a general impression of the overall physical conditions present at the site. But what about foundations? What about the structural framing, the attic construction, insulation, ventilation, and roof conditions? These are just a few of the hundreds of considerations included in a comprehensive home inspection.

Every home, regardless of age or quality, harbors a small, medium, or large list of defective conditions. Some are obvious, while others are only apparent to those who know how and where to look. When you hire an experienced, qualified home inspector, there is no question as to whether unknown defects will be found; but rather what, where, and how serious, dangerous, or expensive the defects.  Let’s not forget building safety. A certified home inspector can alert you to red flag issues involving the electrical wiring and fixtures, fireplaces and chimneys, gas fixtures such as furnaces, water heaters, cook tops, and ovens, railings at staircases and decks, tempered safety glass in required locations, and automatic reverse of garage door openers.

Boris with flashlight under the sink

Boris Tries to Educate Homeowners in his Blog

Reading the entries makes it clear that Boris is also very helpful when he appears on the job, live and in-person.  He writes how his informal inspections can take hours longer than expected simply because he has to explain fundamental concepts to buyers and homeowners who may not even understand the basics.  He informs us that Canadian HVAC service professionals report that up to seventy percent of ‘no-heat calls’ in the winter are related to homeowners’ lack of maintenance of their furnaces and fireplaces.  This negligence always comes from lack of understanding. If allowed to continue without any maintenance, a furnace can stop working suddenly and that can leave a family in the cold. Boris writes how homeowners with furnace issues are generally misinformed about necessary maintenance, especially with older furnaces.  Home builders assume home owners know everything about the appliances they’ve purchased and installed but there can frequently be a knowledge-gap between these parties.

There’s just as many entries about floods and clogged drains. Boris specializes in thermal imaging of roofs and electrical systems and flawless testing of carbon monoxide detectors. He tests water pressure and drainage times and if they’re outside normal parameters he drills down on what could cause the anomaly and this is usually the heartbeat of another cautionary tale.

secret agenct home inspector comprehensive audits with high technology devices

Power Home Inspection is Always on the Road

One of the most interesting aspects of the Power Home Inspection blog is how Boris jets about to his various appointments in his luxury sports car loaded with military grade testing material. He’s like a secret agent who leaves his compound and goes forth into the world to help humanity. In a recent expose piece about Boris Vorobyov in the Toronto Guardian magazine the blogger explained how he frequently gets parking tickets!

Sometimes you have to park far away and lug around a ladder, tool case and other equipment. Parking enforcement is very strict, just the other day myself along with a contractor, the listing agent and my client all got parking tickets for parking two minutes before it was allowed. It’s almost like the parking officers have a sixth sense for parking violations and can smell them before they happen. In the photo below I got a ticket even though I’d paid using the Toronto Parking smartphone app!

Parking ticket, condo inspection in Toronto
Boris gets a ticket even though he paid using phone app. 

Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

Boris also posts bread and butter home maintenance tips. It wouldn’t be much of a home care blog if it was all just about his adventures on sites. Do this and don’t do that for lower heating bills, clean this and that and don’t store your belongs anywhere near this thing.  You may be able to shave up to thirty percent off your energy bill this fall he advises, and you can learn how simply by watching him conduct the appropriate preparatory measures. He strips and caulks a the house to prevent drafts which could be a major money saver for readers, and shows how not to use residential car parks. He shows how bathroom renovators make ticking time bomb shower stalls and his wisdom is not limited to inside the house. He also shows readers what landscapers often can fail to consider when sculpting home exteriors with unknown flood plains and trees in Canada. And so much more. . .

Keep an eye out for Boris in the future, his blog is terrific and only going to get better.