Cariboo Ponderer in Northern BC

Cariboo PondererVic GraceVic Grace is an expert on many subjects relating to life in Northern British Columbia. She lives in a very remote, ultra scenic region of Canada; her blog posts are filled with gorgeous VIA Rail quality calendar shots of rock strewn rivers under the Rockie Mountains.

Cariboo Ponderer chronicles the life of Vic Grace, a charismatic sixty year old woman with an enviable life spent sailing, hiking and taking pictures of rare plants and animals found in northern BC.

Vic Grace map interior BCIts obvious from her writing, Vic Grace is enjoying her retirement.  She puts a particular emphasis on time spent with her older husband.  In one post earlier this spring she worries about their health and the prospect of living alone. To reaffirm her independence she recently bought a laptop, and then traveled alone to Calgary.

Vic is a wise woman and speaks with some authority on taxes, travel, kitchenware, nature photography, insurance and municipal politics. She’s an artistic woman and is now collecting beads in preparation for a big necklace? Each entry this month has been an update on her gadgets as she documents her own technological evolution into a first rate blogger.

fireweeedUnique to Cariboo Ponderer is the site banner. I expected cariboos. Instead I was presented with the pictorial representation of Vic Grace’s own quest to winter in Mexico. A collage of assorted winter activity contrasts a tranquil beach scene – its obvious what she wants. Her opening profile lists the extreme winter temperatures (-22F) and her deep freeze phobia and continues on, almost suggesting that it might be possible for her to escape her surroundings by blogging and sharing her life online… No, this is not the prelude to a John Chow affiliate program, but rather the digital manifestation of a retired woman’s plan to escape Canada in the winter. Will she blog from Mexico? on her laptop? I’m looking forward to that.

Cariboo Ponderer is Vic Grace’s observations and reflections on nature photography, indigenous animals, local cuisine cooking recipes, scrapbooking, and seniors issues steeped in BC politics.