Boris at front desk

Home Inspector Blog in Vaughan

Business blogs are an important part of the internet and the best portals are filled with good information coloured with the author’s own ideas and opinions.  Good blogs are written firsthand and share the blogger’s perspective on the topic at hand. Boris Vorobyov, a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) at Power Home Inspection keeps a clever blog on his…
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Masterlift Forklift Blog in Oakville Ontario

Masterlift forklift sales and rentals in Oakville Ontario, website boasts a brilliant forklift dealership blog that goes well beyond materials handling and routine maintenance issues.  The authors have lots of experience with heavy equipment and their passion shows in their posts about everyday issues related to forklifts.  Their blog is good reading for modern transport aficionados…
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Miss World Canada - sponsored shoes

Miss World Canada Blogs All Across The Nation

Canada Blog Friends is proud to showcase Miss World Canada national blog which represents eight other smaller provincial blogs which give as many as fifty young people, each year, a fresh place to publish their thoughts on life in Canada, fashion, beauty and personal style. Every summer over four dozen female delegates, ages 19-24  are…
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Dr Natalie Archer - Archer Dental blog in Toronto

Archer Dental Blog in Downtown Toronto

Business blogs are typically pretty dull affairs, and medical business blogs are often so ‘safe’ they’re seldom worth reading.  But Archer Dental medical blog is different. The portal has become a rare glimpse inside the inner workings of three busy dental offices in downtown Toronto. It chronicles the media appearances of Dr Natalie Archer, and…
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Michael Gossack, 3D printing Toronto

MY3D Agency, 3D Printing House Blog

Michael Gossack is the owner, printer and blogger behind the popular MY3D Agency blog.  His busy downtown Toronto print-shop specializes in making lifelike human figurines.  Leaders in the field, Michael and his staff design, scan, 3D model and produce the highest quality 3D printed figurines in the city.  Their blog is filled with original pictures…
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Heads Up Dad Celebrates Canadian Winters

While it is easy to think that winter is long, and cold and hard to endure year after year, it really is more of a state of mind than a set of circumstances we have to endure. When you take the time to actively engage in activities that force you to dress up and get…
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laura Bilotta on the radio - Chorus - AM640 - Single in the City

Laura Bilotta – Single in the City, Dating & Relationship Blog

Laura Bilotta is a popular radio and TV host, dating coach and author who resides in Oakville, Ontario.  She is the founder of a successful speed dating and matchmaking business, Single in the City. Although this gregarious woman is incredibly busy, she still finds time to write good compelling stories on her blog, and publish…
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keith doorway house 400

Eastview Homes, Builder Blog in Oakville

Oakville area construction company Eastview Homes contractor blog is a builder’s journal that communicates Keith Traver’s own recollections on home renovations and flipping houses.  Keith is the boss at Eastview Homes, and on top of his years of experience as a general contractor, he also has lots of insights and ideas on his industry.  His…
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full stack resources blog, web development in toronto

Full Stack Resources Blog for Remote Workers

Styled as a helpful guide for remote workers that orbit the growing web development company, Full Stack Resources Blog is filled with insightful posts for all Canadian technology workers. The entries in their journal detail their specialties and various on-demand staffing service models. The posts showcase projects that require key organizational elements like information architecture,…
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Sharing Toronto Magazine

A popular urban lifestyle magazine, Sharing Toronto is a news site that focuses on telling the stories most relevant to the people of Toronto.  Their journalism hopes to create an active and informed online community. The founders of the magazine have a great attitude-  unlike other Toronto based organs of the press, which try desperately to…
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street chic in Toronto

Street Chic Canada, Street Fashion Magazine

There are many style magazines on the internet, and while many fashion blogs do a good job reporting on local events and clothing designers in their city, Street Chic street fashion look book has a mandate to publish posts displaying the way people dress in cities and towns all across Canada.  This is a national…
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nikki greenmoxie gardening green blogger canada

Nikki Fotheringham at Green Moxie in Toronto

Nikki Fotheringham is a friend of mine. I met her the day I almost hired her, and I reckon we’re still friends today because I didn’t. I took one look at her resume and knew she was too good for my action. It was on that day she intrigued me and caught my attention with…
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Arianna’s Random Thoughts in British Columbia

Arianna Merritt, M.Ed., is a Learning and Development Specialist in British Columbia who started blogging three years ago to serve up some random thoughts. Today she’s a tri-weekly source of inspiration for hundreds of regular readers, and has her own self help book on store shelves, Arianna’s blog offers unique insight into the human condition…
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Gluten Free Beat Bread

Danielle LeBlanc is Poor & Gluten Free

The misconception that healthy food tastes terrible has been proven wrong many times over, but what of the persistent complaint many Canadians make that health food not as affordable? Danielle LeBlanc is a food blogger in White Rock, British Columbia, who has spent several years perfecting her take on a gourmet, gluten free diet–on a…
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Anum Khan

Anum Khan and James Rubec, PB&J Mag in different parts of Canada

Like the sandwich that is its namesake, this is a quick, tasty and unpretentious blog.  Its bulk – or the bread is in its commitment to quality content which chronicles local/world events and lifestyles in a down to earth tone. The protein – or peanut butter – is the hearty substance behind provocative articles like…
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KD Faustino blogger in Alberta Canada

KD Faustino, the girl with the messy hair in Calgary

KD Faustino is a fashion blogger and ‘style diarist’ based in Calgary, Alberta, who describes herself as ‘a 20-something fashion buyer and social media extraordinaire who left her sunny tropical islander life in the Philippines to live in freezing cold Canada.’  She has a lot of energy and is a prolific blogger; only four months after her arrival her…
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Niki Blasina is A Haute Mess in Vancouver

Niki Blasina is a fashion blogger living and working as a freelance writer in Vancouver British Columbia. Her passion for fashion could have taken her to style Meccas like New York or Paris, but she has spread her couture wings and helped build a scene in her own beautiful city. Vancouver has an active textiles,…
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Mary Bratko is Wedding Girl Canada

Mary Bratko is Wedding Girl in Ontario

  Mary Bratko eats, sleeps and blogs about weddings in southern Ontario. She shares her décor ideas, menu ideas, insights into popular traditions, decorating tricks and sweet thoughts about marital bliss to a growing following of daily readers. She’s an expert wedding planner with a seemingly endless flow of original ideas for making brides’ dreams…
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deb lewis at Spoke club 2010

Deb Lewis Blogs About Events in Toronto

  Deborah Lewis runs an upscale event planning business in downtown Toronto. On average she designs, promotes and executes between thirty five and fifty of the city’s biggest and most memorable occasions each year, and she blogs about it and posts pictures on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. Her blog gives readers the pertinent details and…
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Annie and the G Man – Country Living in a Cariboo Valley

It wasn’t long ago that Annie and Graham Coombe were city kids on the west coast of British Columbia. But they got sick of the noise, pollution and traffic, and so the couple decided to do what most city folks only dream of doing: they moved out to the bush to live a healthy new…
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Jess on a bale of hay near Calgary Alberta

XOXO Jes Pop Culture in Calgary

Jes of XOXO is a humorous and often sarcastic voice situated in Calgary, Alberta, or “Calgs” as she calls it. She’s a prolific blogger that’s always up to date on the latest entertainment and events in her hometown, and she shares celebrity gossip from around the world. A self-proclaimed hater of many things, Jes loves…
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northern star blog, explore BC

The Northern Star in Prince George

Will Lewis is a loud voice, west of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. He’s an alternative media print publisher in Prince George, British Columbia, with a well trafficked website and blog. Because storytelling runs in his blood, he writes news, comedy and political satire. His mother was one of the first aboriginal women in all of…
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nora camps, crazy for you

Nora Camps, Business Storyteller in Toronto

Nora Camps is a graphic designer, web marketing strategist and fine arts painter living and working in Toronto, Ontario. She is one of the two principals of Duo Strategy and Design, a cost effective business storytelling company with a green mandate; they’re bent on changing the world one project at a time. Nora’s blog is…
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Mark Goodfield, The Blunt Bean Counter

Mark Goodfield, The Blunt Bean Counter

Mark Goodfield is a Canadian income tax expert who shares his insights and knowledge about the Income Tax Act, and that makes him rather unique. There are countless consumer blogs and political pundits and even a few good government blogs, but Mark is the first income tax expert blogger I’ve come across. More accurately, he’s…
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Michael Nus in Toronto

Michael Nus, Holy Trinity of Happiness

Michael Nus is a bearded blogger with a big heart. Known as the gentleman blogger, his informative posts are chock full of philosophical meaning, commentary about staying classy, and SEO and Social Media advice. More than anyone else, Michael includes his friends and colleagues in his posts. He references the work of his contemporaries when…
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Canada Blog Friends, Erin Bury at Sprouter

Erin Bury’s Random Musings in Toronto

Erin Bury is a twenty something year old blogger who writes with confidence and originality. Her blog posts are insightful and thought provoking. She stands out in an age of repeaters, because her writing is easy-to-read and uniquely informative. Less than two years after graduating from Carleton University in Journalism, and after interning at some…
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Muskoka house at Dawn, Michelle in Muskoka

Michelle Basic Hendry in Muskoka

Michelle Basic Hendry is an artist, painter and writer living in Central Ontario. She blogs her thoughts about her art and her life, and especially about the timeless beauty preserved in old buildings all over Muskoka. She shares stories of the structures and elements of her own life in many different ways. She writes articles…
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the web age of visual images, Jacques Surveyer

Photo Finishes from Cobourg Ontario

Jacques Surveyer is a writer, a web developer, and a very passionate photographer that lives and works in Cobourg Ontario. Years ago he studied photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto before getting an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from the University of Western Ontario. With this background he found that…
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fredericks artworks art blog in Canada

Fredericks Artworks is a Canadian Art Blog

Frederick Winston is a Canadian painter, and his blog celebrates his own passion for the visual arts in Canada. By documenting great art, and detailing little known artists, he gives Canadians a beautifully painted perspective on their own cultural identity. FREDERICKS ARTWORKS is a veritable volcano of historically responsible, easy-to-read content that’s firmly centered on…
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lincoln mccardle is canucklehead

Canucklehead in London Ontario

Lincoln McCardle is a married father-of-two (awesome boys) who spends his days working full-time maintaining the VoIP network for one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers, but who finds time to attend the University of Western Ontario in the evenings to complete his BA in English. On weekends, and when everyone else is asleep, Lincoln putters…
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Lauren ONeil in Lauren Out Loud

Lauren O’Nizzle in London Ontario

Lauren O’Neil, aka Lauren O’Nizzle is a 24 year old journalism student at the University of Western Ontario. She’s working on her master’s degree, but she’s already the most sophisticated, web tech-savvy pop culture princess we’ve ever encountered.  This girl makes media, and in less than two years she has become an outstanding example of…
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Dr Yoni Freedhoff diet medicine Canada

Weighty Matters in Ottawa

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff is a 38-year-old married father of three that loves to read books, watch TV and BBQ meals at home.  Yoni is passionate about a lot of things in life, most notably martial arts, hiking and single malt scotch.  He also really enjoys being a medical doctor with a family practice in southwest…
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Keri Canadian explorer

Keri the Canadian Explorer

KeriCDN is a talkative girl with lots of creative energy; exploring Canada is her raison d’etre.  At Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, Keri studied business, history and linguistics, but her real life education started in February 2008, when she started blogging. Keri The Canadian Explorer has culturally significant adventures everyday, and she shares her discoveries…
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Whimfield pre industrial blog

Whimfield, Modern Pre-Industrial Living in Prince Edward Island

Laura-Jane Koers started blogging in 2001 when the practice of writing personal stories on the web was still called journaling. She describes it as a ‘social outlet for a socially awkward girl’. The practice served her well, and now Canada Blog Friends is proud to present her portal as the most sophisticated blog on the…
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muskoka lakes sign

Jennifer Jilks writes My Muskoka

Jennifer Jilks is an Ottawa school teacher now living in beautiful Bala, Ontario. She’s over 50 and that’s a huge niche right there. She’s also a travel expert, wildlife photographer, hiker, and blogger who posts twice a week about a special little part of Canada called Muskoka. My Muskoka cottage blog is an inside look…
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Mona Rebellious Arab Girl in Canada

Rebellious Arab Girl in London, Ontario

Mona is the living manifestation of her rebellious blog; she’s a strong female personality in the Arab world, and that’s rare.  Although core values are slowly changing, Middle Eastern culture still seems to discourage female participation; Mona’s blog is rebellious, because it exists. Rebellious Arab Girl is emotional and writes her caustic journal to promote…
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Elfshot Galleries

Elfshot Sticks and Stones in St Johns

Tim Rast is a thirty four year old archaeologist and ‘flintknapper’ from St Johns Newfoundland that blogs bits of his daily business into beautiful bundles of archeological ‘infotainment’. He details himself and his existence by relating anecdotes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  His canny observations and candor make his writing as fascinating as his scholarly…
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house in artic bay Canada

The House in Arctic Bay, Nunavut

Clare Kines turned fifty this year. Born in 1959, he was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer for 24 years, and served in Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the North West Territories. In 1999 he transferred to Arctic Bay, Nunavut where he spent the last four years of his career.  Clare retired from the RCMP force…
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contest queen

Contest Queen in Oshawa Ontario

Carolyn Wilman is the Contest Queen, a successful professional contest consultant with over twenty years experience participating in, and promoting Canadian contests. She’s probably the most web savvy mom you’ll ever meet. Back in 2004 she became a full time stay-at-home ebusiness entrepreneur and was soon recognized at the forefront of the coupon & contest…
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view from the sky of coal harbour vancouver

Vancity Buzz in Vancouver BC

The consortium of creative thinkers that conspire to craft Vancity Buzz are as diverse as the blog. Vancity Buzz formed on the 21st July, 2008.  That’s when three contributors first put their heads together to create the best local blog in Vancouver.  And they succeeded in crafting a fine portal, and one that guarantees readers…
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Tatina Kharitonova, my cold prarie

Life in Cowtown in Calgary

Tatiana Kharitonova uses both sides of her brain. The 29 year old accountant crunches numbers in downtown Calgary from 9 to 5, but after work and on weekends she follows her heart and explores a ‘million mini passions’ which she writes about on her blog. Life in Cowtown was originally created to document Tatiana’s first…
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That Artist Woman in Calgary

Gail Bartel is a happily married 43 year old mother of three kids aged 11, 9, and 6. These little people are the core of her being, and her first and best test subjects for new kids art projects. Gail’s blog details her gardening, cooking, love of art history, and her miniatures and dioramas. But…
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endless banquet

Endless Banquet in Montreal

Anthony J Kinik and Michelle Marek really do appreciate their life in Montreal, and they share their passion for their city’s culture and cuisine in an extraordinary ‘food lovers’ blog. Their weekly adventures in the old city are filled with details relating to hidden fruit and vegetable markets, butcher shops, seafood shops and of course…
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Crazy Mary in Ottawa

Holy Mackerel in Ottawa

Mary Moore is a mom blogger in Ottawa who tells honest stories and gets points for being so candid. The woman just started out on the web last year, but her skill is obvious, and so is her dedication. Her latest passion is photography, and she shoots crisp digital images with her Canon EOS Rebel…
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casie setwart in 2011

Casie Stewart in Toronto

Casie Diana Stewart is a restless 26 year old artist, poet and blogger. She documents urban charity events, shopping excursions, and fashion parties. She writes about herself mostly, and describes her adventures cycling in Toronto, surfing (online & on waves), her art and assorted photography projects, sewing & making clothes, funky local stores, and twitter.…
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Zucket in Toronto

Sass Zucket is a twenty three year old Asian girl from Hong Kong who grew up in Vancouver before coming east to go to school. She’s smart. The girl was enrolled in the University of Toronto at age 16 and graduated at 21 with a degree in human biology and genetics. So what’s she doing…
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net chick canada

Net Chick in Vancouver

Tanya Marie Davis has been writing her thoughts online for over eleven years! That makes her the most experienced blogger, with the oldest domain yet profiled on this friendly index. The thirty something British Canadian lives alone in Vancouver, and plays a big part in the city’s social net. Her easy going manner, self deprecating…
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midnight poutine in Montreal

Midnight Poutine in Montreal

Unlike other domains profiled here, Midnight Poutine is not someone’s personal blog, but rather, a blog collective. The writers get some of the revenue paid by advertisers. Midnight Poutine is a tasty dish. The picture below is very indicative of the raw citizen journalism that doesn’t wait for snow removal or police barricades to come…
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Lisa Charleyboy

Urban Native Girl Stuff in Toronto

Lisa Charleyboy is a very talented twenty something First Nations girl of the Tsilhqot’in (Dene) Raven Clan. Born and raised in the mountain wilderness of Williams Lake British Columbia, Lisa now lives in Toronto Ontario where she’s working hard to complete her Bachelor of Honours Degree in Professional Writing at York University. Urban Native Girl…
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phronk in london ontario

Phronk in London Ontario

  Phronk is an innovator and has been since June 2000.  He’s friends with Dead Robot, Mod Superstar and Raymi the Minx; these four bloggers are the Southern Ontario social club. They link to each other in their blogrolls, and comment on each other’s posts, and share unflattering pictures of Stephen Harper… But Phronk has…
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Gigababy in Ontario

Cindy Smith lives in Bowmaville Ontario and works Monday to Friday in downtown Toronto. She’s a commuter, in her late twenties, married with one child. And If I told you she’s also a blogger, you might expect a personal diary full of home cooked recipes, pet anecdotes and pictures of her kid. But no, Gigababy…
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ghost of a flea

Ghost of a Flea in Toronto

Nicholas Packwood writes blog candy. His text is hard boiled sugar that’s packed with cool pictures and compelling captions; his blog posts are short and sweet and super readable. Ghost of a Flea is politics and pop culture from Packwood’s perspective. He’s very opinionated, and one of the few anti-Obama bloggers left on the internet.…
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schmutzie blog

Schmutzie in Saskatchewan

Schmutzie is a female thirty something ‘personal blogger’ that lives in the Canadian Prairies. She makes her home in Regina, Saskatchewan and lives there with her husband, The Palinode.  Schmutzie describes herself as “an atheist, a photographer, a writer, a website designer, a knitter, a feminist, and a thirty-something non-gender-specific, biological female post-hysterectomy in a…
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Crunchy Carpets Kerry

Crunchy Carpets in Vancouver

Kerry Sauriol started Crunchy Carpets early in 2007 while raising two young children in a house in Vancouver. Given the circumstances, Kerry was destined to give birth to a Mom Blog. Two years later, her digital toddler is slowly growing into a Mom Blog monster. Unless you’ve got kids, you may not understand the appeal…
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Empress of Dirt in Ontario

Melissa’s profile on Blogger has been viewed almost 10,000 times since she joined in October 2004. That’s because her blogs tell stories about gardening, fabric dyeing and how to make garden art from junk. She blogs about the birds and the bees, and about motherhood and vegan food, and she has an empire of dirt…
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raymi the minx 2004

Raymi the Minx in Toronto

Lauren White is a blog pioneer. She started her web log back in 2000 when Blogger itself was less that a year old and still owned by Pyra Labs. Back then, very few people knew anything about blogging, and this Canadian girl was an early thought leader in the process of discovering what’s cool, and…
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shambled ramblings

Shambled Ramblings in Toronto

Kristen Goetz has a personal blog that she describes as a nothing blog, but that’s because she writes about everything. At age twenty five, Kristen hopes for a professional career as a writer, and so she posts insights on summer fun, bars, fast cars and the best cell phone deals in Canada. She’s looking for…
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muskoka sunset

Outdoors in Muskoka Ontario

Bill Anderson was raised in Huntsville Ontario and grew up hunting and fishing alongside his father, and grandfather. He remembers when Muskoka wasn’t such a glamorous holiday destination, and there were more loggers than cottagers in Gravenhurst. Hiking outdoors with a rifle, crossbow, or rod (and sometimes all three) is an Anderson family tradition that…
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temp me toronto

Temporarily Me in Toronto

Samantha is a 27 year old married mother-of-two that works in the construction industry. During the day she (sometimes) wears a hard hat, coveralls and steel toed boots on downtown Toronto construction sites. But at home, in the evenings, she gently constructs beautiful social nets – she blogs and builds pretty web buttons that bind…
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five blondes in alberta

Five Blondes in London

Erica grew up on a farm in western Ontario with four younger sisters – they are all blondes. Throughout their childhood, they’ve always been ‘the family of five blonde girls’ and that fact defined them. Today things are different. They don’t live together in an old farm house and share one bathroom anymore. Now Erica,…
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conveyor belt

The Conveyor Belt in Vancouver

Terri Potratz started her blog back in September 2007 to post portfolio pictures online and attract potential employers. After seeing the surprising daily traffic stats, she decided to continue and rebrand the site as her own blog. Eight months later, she’s glad she did. The Conveyor Belt is not a personal web log. It’s fashion…
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michael cayley

Social Capital Value Add

Michael Cayley is a web entrepreneur that studies culture and communication and prognosticates on the future of social networks. Those of us who read the scraps of wisdom he leaves lying around in his posts hope to profit by actualizing his ideas. I met Michael Cayley on Sept 4th 2008 at Timothys coffee shop in…
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product of newfoundland

Product of Newfoundland

Robert Hiscock lives in Gander, Newfoundland and writes a perfectly styled East Coast music and culture blog that’s peppered with beautiful original photos. The text is direct and confident as Robert blogs with purpose and a good sense of his own importance. Product of Newfoundland is the first and best place to find out what’s…
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Dead Robot

Dead Robot in Downtown Toronto

Ted is a 43 year old fountain of wit. He’s a good photographer, and a skilled graphic artist.  A barrel chested weekend warrior, this robot is very much alive. He writes with a sharp keyboard, and a keen eye on queer happenstance, local Toronto events, arts and culture. His blog explores web development, new technology,…
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black sheep reviews

Black Sheep Reviews in Montreal

Joseph Belanger writes about movies in a snappy review blog with cute seasonal banners. Black Sheep Reviews was born in September 2005 just after Joseph realized that he could combine his love of writing, and his love of watching movies in a recipe for success online.  This blogger’s natural passion for cinema, and his literary…
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Canadian Heroes

Canadian Heroes

A digital cenotaph,  this is the best place online to remember and honour the Canadian soldiers that have died during Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan. Each fallen hero is presented in some detail, and eulogized as he is laid to rest.  But this respectful Canadian blogspot is also filled with pictures of the living. In some…
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old green bus

One Old Green Bus

Matthew James Didier lives in west end of Toronto, but his readers would never know it. He seldom writes about the city. When he pens his blog, Didier escapes the GTA and hops around Canada (and back in time) profiling Canadian authors and showcasing vintage film clips he finds on YouTube. He writes about old…
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cariboo ponderer

Cariboo Ponderer in Northern BC

Vic Grace is an expert on many subjects relating to life in Northern British Columbia. She lives in a very remote, ultra scenic region of Canada; her blog posts are filled with gorgeous VIA Rail quality calendar shots of rock strewn rivers under the Rockie Mountains. Cariboo Ponderer chronicles the life of Vic Grace, a…
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keely valentine is young chic and social in Burlington

Young Chic and Social in Burlington

Keely Valentine must type as fast as she thinks, for her writing seems as natural as a seventeen year old girl talks. Each post flows together into a wonderfully feminine, refreshingly amateur blog spectacle.  This girl is supremely confident and that’s manifest in her devil-may-care writing. Its all attitude and Keely’s got it, and she…
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Canada’s ModSuperstar

In Cambridge Ontario, an hour west of Toronto along hwy 401, there lives a modern superstar, a skilled web designer in his early twenties, a music enthusiast and a gadget geek with a good sense of humour named jamEs. This guy is a great writer with a special gift; he has the ability to make…
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featured image

Dumpdiggers – Treasure Under Toronto

Dumpdiggers chronicles the adventures of low tech treasure hunters Rob Campbell (that’s me) and Tim Braithwaite as we research and recover antiques from forgotten historical sites. Lately I’ve been blogging about metal detectors and a charismatic antiques dealer at Queen St and Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto named Pickwick (Harold Barrett).  And every now and then…
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Canada Blog Friends logo

Canada Blog Friends was born today.

Canada Blog Friends was born today, 22nd August 2008. It was created to be the first and best place for anyone and everyone to find good Canadian blogs for easy reading. Here lies a network of skilled writers and a kingdom of unique content. Another cool Canadian blog is revealed here every so often, and…
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