Canada’s ModSuperstar

ModSuperstarIn Cambridge Ontario, an hour west of Toronto along hwy 401, there lives a modern superstar, a skilled web designer in his early twenties, a music enthusiast and a gadget geek with a good sense of humour named jamEs. This guy is a great writer with a special gift; he has the ability to make something from nothing. repackages jamEs’ suburban reality into socially relevant content. It’s like a magic wand he waves over his life and makes it funny.

jamEs also gets high points for appearances. Its a sexy blog that looks clever and funny at the same time. That’s a big part of its appeal; the WordPress template design is so simple and clean it draws readers into the text, which is equally compelling. Yes in fact I borrowed elements of this design for Canada Blog

ModSuperstar blogs about vintage Canadian pop culture, innovative jokes, old TV commercials and their forgotten actors, camping trips and the bumper stickers seen on the hwy – its a cross section of the minutia that streams past jamEs to enter his consciousness and then his camera’s lens. For example the ‘herpes sign’ beside the MacDonalds in Cambridge is a clever piece of photo journalism.

Canada Blog Friends applauds jamEs for proudly registering the dot ca address and completely ignoring the dot com domain. Or maybe he couldn’t get the dot com? Whatever, Mod Superstar is a great Canadian blog.

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  1. jamEs on August 26, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    I did own the .com at one point, I just let it lapse. Probably shouldn’t have, but whatever. I’m happy to be identified as Canadian through my blog. Kinda gives the site it’s own identity right in the URL.